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Join our Pelvic Floor Reformer Pilates

We believe in proactively taking care of your female body and your pelvic health. Our classes are run by Women's Health Physio's and Exercise Physiologists.

Join other ladies at our Women's Health clinic today

Reformer Pilates Fees: $35 / per class

You can contact your health fund directly to determine if your health fund will contribute to class fees

To join our classes book your Pelvic Floor Physio OR SCREENING Pilates Assessment.

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To start your journey at our clinic BOOK in with our Pelvic Floor Physio or you can book your Screening Pilates Assessment.

After this Women's Health Screening appointment, you will be eligible to attend any of the classes at our clinic space. If you are a current patient at our clinic, chat with your treating clinician or you can book into classes online.

Please note, if you are unsure which appointment type to book for joining classes, give our friendly reception team a call and they will be able to provide you with further information about classes/appointments to help you decide which may be most appropriate for you.  Alternatively you can read more in our FAQs Section.

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