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Pelvic Pain 

Pelvic pain is a common and often debilitating condition that affects both men and women. "Pelvic pain" refers to discomfort around the lower pelvic and abdominal region and is thought to impact 25% of the population .  

A few of the common areas in which Pelvic Floor Physio can assist include; pain with tampons or during intercourse, pelvic pain associated with conditions such as Endometriosis, pain associated with bowels, bladder pain and vulva pain.

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Our Approach to Pain

An important concept with "pain" is that it is a unique experience for each individual and a tailored approach should always be taken when assessing and treating pelvic pain. 

We approach pain by taking the time to listen to each person's journey and experience of pain. We adopt a "whole-person" approach when assessing and providing management to each lady who has presented to our clinic. 

As trauma-informed clinicians, our team brings heightened awareness and sensitivity to the personal healing journeys of each individual. Proudly advocating for women's health, we are passionately committed to empowering the women who enter our clinic.

It's important to remember that pelvic pain is not a normal part of life and that there are many treatment options available. Our Physio's work closely with Specialist Doctors and allied health professionals to provide multidisciplinary care . With the right team and treatment plan, it's possible to manage and reduce the pain associated with your symptoms.

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