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Workshops & Supporting the  Community

Our Clinic offers a range of additional services, education sessions and training workshops for the community and for local businesses. 

Contact us below, with your enquiry: 


Pelvic Health Education Workshops

These Workshops are tailored for all age groups. These workshops are ideal for improving Women's Health Education and awareness within schools, local organisations and businesses.

 A few examples of workshops we have run include;

- Pelvic Pain & Period Education 

- Menopause & Pelvic Health

- Pelvic Floor; Prolapse, Bladder, Bowel, Sexual Health

Workshop womens health_edited.jpg

Training for Staff / Pelvic Health Upskilling

We offer in-person or virtual Training and Upskilling Workshops for a range of Health Professionals (for example; Allied Health Teams, Instructors and Personal Trainers).

We tailor Workshops based on the industry and utilise a range of tools and resources to help improve education and support to Women's Health professionals.

The Pelvic Health Physio Clinic

We are passionate and dedicated to improving education and access to quality Pelvic Health Care services,

on the Sunshine Coast

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