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12-Week Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Program

We know from the most up-to-date research that 3 months of targeted Pelvic Floor Muscle Training, supervised by a trained Pelvic Health Professional, can improve stress urinary incontinence significantly. 

Our team is dedicated to providing accessible Pelvic Floor Services, locally and also remotely.

As Pelvic Floor Physio's we understand that Pelvic floor exercises can be hard to incorporate into daily life, and we know that services are not always easily accessible or possible to attend consistently. This is why we have designed our 12-week Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Program, for improved access and reach of our services.

Yoga Class

Benefits of our 12-week Pelvic Floor Program

-12 weeks of weekly pelvic floor muscle training sessions can result in significant improvements in stress urinary incontinence episodes per day (Mclean et al 2013, Madill et al 2015)


-can result in improved pad use and a reduction in using liners or continence aids due to bladder leakage

-program is suitable for ladies and males at all stages of life

-virtual classes 

-suitable for pre and post-operations such as prostate surgery, pelvic organ prolapse surgery, hysterectomy

-suitable for proactive pelvic floor strengthening or other pelvic health concerns (such as; prolapse, faecal incontinence)

- suitable for after 6-weeks postpartum

(not suitable for pregnancy)

-run by Pelvic Floor Physio's or Exercise Physiologists

-classes $30 per class each week. Private health fund rebates may apply depending on your individual cover

-to join, book your screening appointment

Working Out at Home

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Current Online Class Time:
Thursday - 8am 

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